Lemon and Ginger tea looks strangely like watered down honey mustard. I wasn’t expecting it to be that yellow. Doesn’t taste like mustard though so that’s good. 

That…was not what I was expecting. I honestly don’t know what I was expecting, but that wasn’t it. :( Really creepy….

Also apparently Hannah means "favour" or "grace". Interesting. :o

frostbitesthedust said: That is a nice name. It is nice to meet you. And ah, I believe Boreas means North Wind. I am not sure, haha.

Thank you! Ah, that’s pretty cool. I’m not sure what Hannah means or anything but to be named after the North Wind must be pretty important. 

frostbitesthedust said: Oh, hello, my name is Boreas. :^) And you?

My name’s Hannah! Boreas is a nice name. :D Does it mean anything?

frostbitesthedust likes this

Oh hello! Who are you? :o You’re a new face. 

Sometimes having wind powers is a really great thing. It’s really hot in my room right now and all I have to do is open a window and will the hot air out. Better then air conditioning. 

Anonymous said:
((Is there anyone in particular that Hannah would like to meet in Exodus?))

((Man she pretty much wants to meet everyone. But Blaze and Richard and some of the new swarm members have caught her eye. But work is work u ou))

Anonymous said:
Where are you from?Ever thinking of going back?

Oh! I’m from a place called Daviri! It’s not from here but I think that’s…a little obvious. And yeah. It was really pretty and nice and I had a lot of friends. But a girl’s got to branch out and spread her wings, you know! Ha ha.